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Misted Double Glazed Units Make Every Day Gloomy Let the Sunshine In With Gatley Glass

Double glazed window units add value to any home, with their energy efficient properties, providing great looks and high-tech thermal solutions to cold houses.

Energy efficient double glazed units use two panes of glass with a layer of thermal gas between the panes that acts as a natural insulator, keeping heating costs down and making your home much warmer and cosier. However.....

.....when the seals that lock double glazed window panes in place crack, or separate due to age, weather, or just hard use, air and condensation leak into the space between the two panes, creating a problem - misty, double glazed units that make every day a foggy day.

Replacing your double glazing can be pricey, but Gatley Glass - a family run business since 1972 - repairs foggy, double glazed units at a fraction of the price of installing new window frames.

Does a foggy window really matter?

You bet it does.

  • Once the seal on a double glazed unit breaks, cold, damp air seeps in between the two panes of glass, or worse, that cold, damp air seeps into your house.
  • A broken seal on a double glazed window lets warm air escape, adding to your heating bill every month.
  • Those misty, double glazed units prevent sunlight from entering your living space, eliminating natural solar gain that warms your home.
  • Misted, double glazed units are unattractive. They look broken.
  • When selling your home, foggy, double glazed units are a major problem for potential home buyers looking for the perfect home.
  • Those misted double glazed units don't get better with time. In fact, the condensation trapped between the two panes of glass can actually damage the window frames over time. Fix it now, or pay more later.
  • Whether your misty double glazed windows are in place, or have been broken altogether, it's a problem that needs immediate attention, and Gatley Glass delivers cost effective solutions.
  • Double glazed window installers may have the knowledge, the expertise, and the right replacement parts for your misted units, but many don't. Gatley Glass uses the highest quality materials, and standards of craftsmanship, unparalleled in the industry.
  • Some window replacement companies take weeks to get to your job. You want it fixed fast. Done!
  • Those customers with fogged up double glazed windows want the job done right, and at a reasonable price that's guaranteed.

When it comes to home repairs, you want a reliable company that stands behind its work, and puts your needs first.

Gatley Glass has the solutions to misted, double glazed units that'll save you money, provide a five-year, iron-clad guarantee, and materials and craftsmanship that could actually make your foggy, double glazed windows up to four times stronger than the day they were installed.

Gatley Glass Ltd: We Deliver Solutions AND Savings

Replacing your double paned window frame units is costly, time-consuming and messy. The window frames and glass have to be removed and replaced, adding additional work such as new sealant, new architrave inside and out and possibly even a lintel which all adds to your final bill.

Gatley Glass not only delivers solutions to those fogged-up double glazed units, we also deliver significant cost savings, and a whole lot of peace of mind - all standard with every job we undertake.

For over four decades, the Gatley Glass family has replaced thousands of misted, double glazed units at significant cost savings, by replacing the panes of glass instead of the entire frame and glass.

This provides the attractive, energy-efficient double-glazed units you want at a fraction of the price of new window frames.

  • Along with the highest quality materials, Gatley Glass also delivers a five-year warranty on all of the repairs we make.
  • Gatley Glass replaces your misted double glazed windows with replacement glass that can be up to four times as strong as the glass panes that came with your original windows.
  • Gatley Glass knows you want it done right, and you want it done NOW - before the problem gets worse. Gatley Glass is there when you need us there - usually within the same day of contacting us.
  • To simplify the repair process, Gatley Glass provides FREE online quotations. Simply provide the unit's dimensions and receive a free estimate of the cost of repairs, from a single, double-glazed unit, to a full-sized, unsightly sliding door.
  • Not sure of the dimensions of the unit you need repaired? That's not a problem when you choose Gatley Glass. Simply click this link "FREE MEASURING SERVICE" to make an appointment with one of our professional glaziers.
  • Have a question about the process or pricing? Chat with one of our client care professionals online, or by telephone, to get the answers you need to make the right decision - the Gatley Glass decision.
  • Gatley Glass' team of professional glaziers remove the old panes and replace them with high quality, sealed panes regardless of whether your window frames are constructed of wood, aluminium, PVC or some other material.
  • Gatley Glass maintain a presence across the metropolitan areas of Greater Manchester, Cheshire County, Warrington and Liverpool so, not only is it easy to reach us, it's easy to meet us.
  • Got an emergency on your hands? A broken window, perhaps? Give us a call. Gatley Glass' emergency service is recognized as the best in all regions we serve because, at Gatley Glass, you always come first.
  • How about the trust factor? Will your double-glazed units be installed properly? In a timely manner? They will when you hire the Gatley Glass team to get the job done - and done right!
  • 99% of our customers refer Gatley Glass to their friends, neighbours and co-workers - a record you can count on, and a record that makes us proud to deliver the services you need when you need them.

Gatley Glass Saves You Money

Gatley Glass has built its business on quality customer care, and referrals from satisfied customers.

Now, for a limited time, Gatley Glass will provide a 25% discount on the repair of all misted, doubled glazed units in your home.


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Drop us an email explaining your problem, and Gatley Glass gets to work with FREE online quotes for repairs, FREE measuring so you get the right unit, and client care professionals available to answer your questions.

So call us, email us, or simply click on the chat link to discuss exactly how Gatley Glass saves you money, repairs your misted, double pane units at a fraction of the cost of replacement frames, AND GIVES YOU A 25% DISCOUNT ON ALL REPAIRS WE MAKE.

Let's talk. Let's get your home looking its best for years to come with a five-year Gatley Glass guarantee, glass that can be up to four times stronger than the original glass, fast, professional service and a warranty that delivers peace of mind.

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