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Gatley Glass Offer A Range Of Pilkington Glass Patterns

Gatley Glass have been glass merchants for nearly 40 years and we stock all types of Pilkington glass patterns

Glass patterns have changed over the years and some old styles have become obsolite. We have a selection of reclaimed glass patterns and will try our best to match up your old style glass patterns where possible.

Below you will find the current glass pattern range Gatley Glass offer, many of the patterns are carried in stock in our factory. We also provide many types of custom decorative glass patterns and designs from leaded glass designs to custom sandblast designs. Whatever your requirement we will find you the best possible solution for your budget so don't hesitate to contact us.

Glass Patterns Overview

Pilkington's glass range offers our customers more choice and quality than any other glass manufacture in the UK. We can offer you a whole range of glass patterns whether you require privacy or the latest style we are sure you will find your perfect glass pattern.

We offer different levels of privacy throughout our glass pattern range

We offer 5 levels of privacy throughout our range.

Grade 1= the least obscure

Grade 5= highest obscuration.

Our glass patterns can also be manufactured in safety glass

When a particular glass pattern is required for glazing in critical safety locations such as doors and low level glazing we can offer the best safety glass type for that location in your chosen glass patterns.

Glass produced to the highest and upto date standards

All the glass types Gatley Glass offer are suitable for glazing in and around the home or commercial premises and all meet latest regulations.


Here are examples of our glass patterns range.

Grade 1= the least obscure

Grade 5= highest obscuration.


Artic Glass- Grade 4

artic glass

Autumn leaf Glass- Grade 3

autumn leaf glass pattern

Chantilly Glass- Grade 2

chantilly glass

Charcoal Sticks Glass- Grade 4

charcoal sticks glass

Contora Glass- Grade 4

contora glass

Cotswold Glass- Grade 5

cotswold glass

Digital Glass- Grade 3

digital glass

Everglade Glass- Grade 5

everglade glass

Flemish Glass- Grade 2

flemish glass

Florielle Glass- Grade 4

florielle glass

Mayflower Glass- Grade 4

mayflower glass

Minster Glass- Grade 2

minster glass

Oak Glass- Grade 4

oak glass

Pelerine Glass- Grade 5

pelerine glass

Stippolyte Glass- Grade 4

stippolyte glass

Sycamore Glass- Grade 2

sycamore glass

Taffeta Glass- Grade 3

taffeta glass

Warwick Glass- Grade 1

warwick glass

Gatley Glass also offer the pilkington glass oriel collection which offers some superb glass patterns.

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